Release Note: Custom Subdomains

Quick update on security and usability: to help increase the security of your login credentials, and make it easier to access to our platform, we have released a customized subdomain feature.

How To Use InVine Smart Profit To Automate Beverage Pricing

Many InVine clients are saving precious time by using our Smart Profit feature. We know it sounds daunting to give up on that carefully built spreadsheet, with dozens of columns and thousands of formulas, but trust us, it’s possible to do all that, and more, in a fraction of time.

InVine Now Offering 3 New Plans

We listened closely to the needs of each of our clients and came up with 3 new plans, that give InVine clients the flexibility to choose a package of features that best fits their style.

Introducing The InVine Admin App For Your Smartphone

We’re please to announce the launch of the InVine Admin App for iPhone. With the InVine Admin App, you don’t even need to log on to your computer to make a mid-shift change to your list. Just grab your phone, make your changes and push the update, in a few seconds.