Release Note: Table of Contents option

BY InVine

Generally speaking, there are two styles of wine list organization:

  • Broad categories like Red, White, Sparkling, Cocktails, etc
  • Highly specific categories like “Full bodied from Burgundy”.

Usually the second type ends up having a large amount of sections, and their customers find themselves flipping through an endless array of submenus on a wine list.

To help those restaurants, and more broadly, any restaurant with 1000+ items on their menu, InVine provides the Table of Contents (TOC) option.




In the TOC mode, the first thing a consumer will see is a list of all the menu options you have created on your beverage list. Selecting one takes the user directly to it, and it’s easy to go back and forth.

We recommend activating this feature if you have 1000+ products, or more than 8 menu options. To activate the TOC mode, open the Device Configurator (on the List menu), and under App Settings you will find the following option:


Most of InVine clients with large beverage lists report that consumers find a perfect match faster and easier, this option is definitely one of the key reasons for that.