Release Note: Changing The Display Region Of A Wine

BY InVine

A quick update on a feature released recently: it’s now possible to choose which region to display on the wine list, for each particular wine.

Some of our clients prefer to show the appellation of a wine, while others prefer to highlight the most precise region information possible. Some even prefer to show just the country. With this tool each restaurant can customize how each of their wines is shown.

display region


It’s quite simple to use:

  • Go into the Edit screen of the wine
  • Click the Change display region option (located right next to the region information)
  • Select which region you’d like to show, among a list of regions the product belongs to
  • Choose to reload the header / placement selections based on the region change.

As a reminder, we’re always open to suggestions about new features and improvements, so use the live chat box on the backoffice page, or send us an email, and we’ll get right on to it!