InVine Feature Update – October 2016

invine feature update

It has been an exciting summer here at InVine. We’ve continued to improve the InVine experience for the front of the house as well as the back office. To start off, we have a new version of the front of house app! To update the app version, go into the waiter menu […]

Introducing Automatic Flight Pricing [Video]

Today’s feature update is a game changer. We are very excited to announce a feature set we’ve been working on for several months: Automatic Flight Pricing.   Why?   We wanted to offer our clients the tools for easy management of flights so that they can easily capitalize on the […]

InVine Feature Update – April 2016

i pad wine list

  We’ve got exciting InVine feature updates to talk about today. These updates came after some great feedback from servers, managers and wine directors out there using InVine. Thanks for your continued support. First of all, there’s a new version of the InVine app out there. In order to get […]

Release Note: Brand new dashboard and more!

We’ve got some exciting new product announcements: The New Dashboard We are really excited to announce our new dashboard. Many of you who are clients may have noticed a message from us when you log back into InVine explaining the new dashboard. With the new dashboard, we’ve also released our […]

Release Note: Custom Subdomains

Quick update on security and usability: to help increase the security of your login credentials, and make it easier to access to our platform, we have released a customized subdomain feature.

How To Use InVine Smart Profit To Automate Beverage Pricing

Many InVine clients are saving precious time by using our Smart Profit feature. We know it sounds daunting to give up on that carefully built spreadsheet, with dozens of columns and thousands of formulas, but trust us, it’s possible to do all that, and more, in a fraction of time.