How to Get More Tips: 8 Suggestions to Offer Servers

Managing servers in any restaurant is a difficult task. Not only are you managing the type of service you’d like provided to your guests, you’re also managing people- every individual person has their own set of challenges, strengths, weaknesses and personal issues. As an effective manager you have to be […]

Managing your Wine Vendors: Tips to increase value

  In the restaurant business there are no shortage of vendors! From napkin choices, to ingredients, to wine, most businesses deal with dozens of vendors daily. Especially when it comes to wine.If you have a robust wine list with great variety, chances are you have to get your wine from […]

Training your staff on wine- how the experts do it

Training your staff on wine

  Developing a wine program is no easy feat- just ask any sommelier, wine director or small restaurant manager. It comes from years of learning what wines pair with what foods, what wines go with what social situations, etc. etc. Once your wine program is in place, how do you […]

6 Ways to Upsell Wine at Your Restaurant

upsell wine

  For a restaurant or bar, upselling wine is obviously an important part of day-to-day business. Teaching your team to recognize opportunities to sell from the higher end of your menu or sell an extra glass can add up to significant gains at the end of the month.   The […]

Frosé and other Summer Cocktails for your Beverage Program

frose summer cocktails

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for the hospitality industry. The warm weather brings countless customers into fine establishments nationwide to sip something cool and refreshing. However, even the most robust beverage lists can begin to seem stale to new generations of imbibers, raised on the spirited concoctions […]

Small Intimate Restaurants Love InVine

how to get more tips

When talking with restaurants about using InVine, we find many managers and wine directors  immediately dislike the idea of having an iPad wine list at the table.  Some common objections we’ve heard are that it’s not easy to understand, it’s distracting, it’s too much “tech at the table” etc. However, InVine […]

The Impact of Suggested Wines

In this Lab Team post we provide insight on how the Suggested wines feature of the INVINE digital wine list can be a valuable tool for the restaurant.