Introducing The FAST Inventory For Wines

BY InVine

One of the most painful aspects of managing a restaurant with an average-sized wine list, is making sure inventory is up-to-date.

Restaurants carry only a couple dozen food items at most, but usually have hundreds of wine and spirit SKUs. This means that every last day of the month, the staff has to go around and count every bottle the restaurant holds in stock.

This is a tedious process that takes hours and traditionally would consist in two people, one going through a printed spreadsheet, the other one counting the bottles on the shelf. Not only does the staff need to decode the label and then search through the paper list to find it, but at the end of that long night in the cellar they will actually have to type in every number that was handwritten on the paper, an error prone process.




InVine is proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking inventory tool that will completely change this process. We’ve created an inventory tool accessible on the tablet devices already used for the wine list, which combines:

  • One handed operation and one click count updates, restaurants need just one person for inventory counts
  • Bottle pictures that provide instant confirmation of the correct wine, without the need for decoding the label
  • A search feature that quickly finds any wine, beer or spirit
  • Automatic submission of the inventory, eliminating paper-to-spreadsheet input
  • For open bottles, a slider that allows the user to indicate on the bottle picture the exact quantity in stock
  • For large cellars, the ability to use several devices at the same time, which allows the staff to do inventory in a fraction of the time.

The result?

  1. InVine clients are already using this tool, some reporting going from six hours to just one and virtually 0% error rates.
  2. The average reported time is 15 seconds per SKU.
  3. This means it takes 4 people about 1 hour to run inventory for 1000 SKUs.

We’re helping our clients setup the first time they use this system, so reach out to us and we’ll set you up for happy inventory counts!