InVine Feature Update – October 2016

invine feature update

It has been an exciting summer here at InVine. We’ve continued to improve the InVine experience for the front of the house as well as the back office. To start off, we have a new version of the front of house app! To update the app version, go into the waiter menu […]

Doing Wine Inventory Sucks.

wine inventory

Ask any restaurant owner, bar proprietor, or FoH / BoH staff member what the least liked part of their profession is and more often than not you’ll get the same answer, taking inventory. Most managers and employees hate it and it’s no wonder why. Taking wine inventory sucks. It’s tedious. No […]

“Partnering with InVine was Like Adding 30 Seats to My Restaurant”

working with InVine

  How can a restaurant increase their profit? It would seem to be a trivial question. The average consultant would pedantically fire back in a fraction of a second: “Increase sales or decrease costs” and would follow up with a detailed analysis of how increasing sales means either increasing average […]

Small Intimate Restaurants Love InVine

how to get more tips

When talking with restaurants about using InVine, we find many managers and wine directors  immediately dislike the idea of having an iPad wine list at the table.  Some common objections we’ve heard are that it’s not easy to understand, it’s distracting, it’s too much “tech at the table” etc. However, InVine […]

The List Efficiency

We continue the analysis on our data, this time looking for the answer to the question: “What impact do large wine lists have?”