Introducing Automatic Flight Pricing [Video]

BY InVine Social

Flight-Price Calculator

Today’s feature update is a game changer. We are very excited to announce a feature set we’ve been working on for several months: Automatic Flight Pricing.




We wanted to offer our clients the tools for easy management of flights so that they can easily capitalize on the new trend of offering wine, beer and spirit flights to their guests.

We are seeing more and more restaurants go above and beyond with their beverage service and offer different wine flight options based on region, dishes served, etc. It’s a great way for guests to try a range of new wines instead of just one or two of the by-the-glass options.

It’s also a great way to increase loyalty in patrons since flights work like a tasting menu: you can showcase a fresh experience every week.




For many restaurants, flights represent something that’s a bit of burden to manage: adding them to their menu requires printing new sections on their list and managing them on the PoS system can be tricky (or even impossible on some systems). Moreover, flights carry the “what do I do with all these open bottles” problem of By-The-Glass menus.

InVine lets restaurants end with all the printing non-sense, syncs up with PoS systems and allows promoting open bottles, so flights have really none of those issues!

But here’s the cool thing about using InVine for flights: with Automatic Flight Pricing you don’t even have to do any math to price the flight. Simply select the wines you want to serve and InVine pretty much does the rest.

You can add a flight on the backoffice platform in the same place you would add new wines.

When you are creating a new flight, as you search and select products from your list, a “Suggested price” shows up, with a calculation for how much you should price the flight for. You can fine tune the calculation by clicking on “Suggested price”: it shows how that price was calculated, allows the discount to be adjusted and allows the final price to be rounded up or down. Then you’re all set!



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