InVine Feature Update – April 2016

BY InVine Social


i pad wine list

We’ve got exciting InVine feature updates to talk about today. These updates came after some great feedback from servers, managers and wine directors out there using InVine. Thanks for your continued support.

First of all, there’s a new version of the InVine app out there. In order to get these updates, make sure you update your app version. If you need help updating your app version, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Backoffice Updates

  • Labels for odd sized bottles. Let’s say you have a half bottle in your Top Picks and it’s priced at $55. Some people might think it’s a full bottle. However, now, next to the bottle a small label will show the consumer the respective size.
  • Notes during inventory audits. Now you can take notes or even snap and upload a picture when you’re doing inventory. Let’s say you are doing your audit but you stumbled upon a different vintage than what your menu says. Take a picture and update your wine list when you’re done doing inventory. You can also set up notes, like a reminder to update the menu at a later time.
  • Multiple prices for one product. This has been one of the most popular feature requests by far. Now if you want to have the same wine showing in different places of your menu with different prices you can. For example, if you have a happy hour menu with the same by-the-glass wine that you have on your regular wine list, instead of entering the glass as two separate products, you can now have the same product with two different price points.
  • Inventory page makeover. We’ve made some minor tweaks to our inventory screen.  We have added an estimated sales column and the ability to export a bottle loss report (if you have PoS integration).
  • POS integration with Clover. Clover joins Aloha, Micros and Revel as POS systems that integrate with InVine. More to come! With the Clover integration you can now sync your stocks with your PoS and your sales with InVine. This means no more double data entry and when you stock out a wine it will be automatically removed from the list. Done!

iPad App Updates

  • Persistent mode. Before, when you closed the wine list cover, the app would automatically reset. Now it will only reset after a default of 5 minutes. (You can change it to whatever you like.) This is helpful for the customer if they select the wine and the server is not around to take their order. They can put the menu down for a few minutes and still be able to pick it up right where they left off when the server comes to take their order.
  • Faster reactivity. We are always continuously improving the speed of the app, now it’s even better. Faster reactivity = faster responsiveness making the app much smoother.

In our next release we’ve got some REALLY exciting news that’s guaranteed to push your wine revenue to the next level – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at any point with comments or suggestions. We are never done improving!