Release Note: Brand new dashboard and more!

BY InVine Social

We’ve got some exciting new product announcements:

The New Dashboard

We are really excited to announce our new dashboard. Many of you who are clients may have noticed a message from us when you log back into InVine explaining the new dashboard.

With the new dashboard, we’ve also released our referral system. Clients can easily tweet, email or share their referral link to help spread the word about InVine and participate in our referral program at a click of a button.

Another really awesome feature that comes with the new dashboard is the new product tour. The tour will break the InVine backoffice platform down into four separate parts and guide you through each one of them: products, inventory, list and intelligence.



‘Edit Product’ Time Cut WAY Down

Remember that slow moving green bar at the top of the screen, when you opened a product to change its details? What a pain! It took forever to load.

We’ve cut load time to almost 0 seconds now, making it much faster to navigate on the backoffice and saving you precious time that really adds up.

Merge Inventory Audits

InVine clients now have the ability to merge two audits, and add different product counts into a single one.

This allows several people with several devices to count inventory, EVEN WITH REPEATED PRODUCTS (e.g. one person in the cellar, another in the fridge.)

We can’t wait for you to try it out and hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is gladly accepted and encouraged.