Case Study: Designing a Unique Solution for a Unique Restaurant

BY InVine

Client Details
Restaurant Name: VENEZA
Seating Capacity: 100
Wine List Size: 1200
Awards and Distinctions: Best National Wine Cellar 2006

Gold Prize in Food and Port 2009 and 2011

Owner’s Focus: Providing a unique experience where traditional dishes are cooked with outstanding ingredients and wines can be chosen among one of the largest selections in the world

Making the experience of each and every one of our patrons unique and personal, through service, food and wine

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The Challenge

We have an extensive wine list, almost encyclopedic, that demanded an equally extensive effort in managing and keeping it updated.

Managing our references, our suggestions and knowing by heart all the details about the wines were extremely complex tasks, requiring us to invest a lot of time training our staff.

Moreover, since we had a large, and constantly changing, selection of wines under carefully controlled temperature, there wasn’t a practical and efficient way to highlight those wines on our wine list. Most of the times our waiters had to go and check themselves before advising our patrons.


The InVine Solution

  • Package: InVine PRO
  • # of Devices: 4 (plus 1 on the custom-made storefront stand)
  • Additional Custom Features:
    • Custom-made stand for patrons to browse and for the storefront
    • Custom grouping and sorting
    • Custom icon for temperature controlled wines

The Results

  • Time dedicated to managing the wine list reduced by 80%
  • Increased inventory turnover
  • Increase in overall sales, and sales within smaller, less known wine producers
  • Increase in percentage of restaurant patrons also buying wine from our storefront
  • Easier for patrons to navigate through wine list after using the grouping and sorting tools

Patrons using our wine list are highly satisfied with their experience, which makes it truly rewarding to have joined InVine.

Carlos Janeiro,
Owner and Manager


The Experience

I saw in the InVine solution the opportunity to enrich our wine list with high quality information and bottle photos, which would be valuable both to our patrons and to keep my staff informed. We quickly realized its potential and decided to expand to include our entire wine list, including our temperature controlled wines.

We now have a wine management system which can easily be updated, that worked with the specific needs of our refrigerated selection, and that gives us insight about customer behavior when choosing their wine.

InVine also provides the tools to make it 100% tailor made: we needed to group and sort our 1200 wines in a quite particular fashion to make it easier for the patrons selecting wine.

It was also easy and fast to create a customized menu within the list, showing my top 50 picks, which today is something that I put a lot of effort into, and that patrons really appreciate.