Case Study: Matching World-Class Expectations of Fine Dining Patrons

BY InVine

Client Details
Restaurant Name: OLIVIER
Seating Capacity: 120
Wine List Size: 200
Awards and Distinctions: NY Times feature – High-end menus and premium wine cellars
Owner’s Focus: The absolute best in gourmet food and high-end wines, excellency in serviceProviding a superior experience and dedicating time every night to greet and hear from our prestigious patrons

Delivering a world-class wine list spanning from Ruinart to Château Pétrus

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The Challenge

We want to be the reference in providing the best practices and innovation on the market. Our clientele is extremely demanding.

However, our wine list often didn’t reflect our inventory, and we had stopped showing the exact vintage of each wine, on our wine list.

In addition, whenever we considered changing our wine list, we knew which wines were being sold but we never knew the reasons behind the ones that were sold less often.

We had no information regarding customer preferences and behavior. What questions did they have? How did they choose their wine? Were they completely satisfied with their choice?


The InVine Solution

  • Package: InVine PRO
  • # of Devices: 4
  • Additional Custom Features:
    • Advanced visual customization
    • Flexible sorting and grouping
    • 24/7 Support
    • Customized insight report

The Results

  • Sales increase across the entire wine list, with more than 50% increase on the Top Picks selection
  • Partnered with selected wine producers to monetize the Top Picks feature, creating a new revenue stream and easily covering the entire investment on the solution
  • Outstanding feedback from regular patrons and high-end tourists, who find the wine list extremely easy to use, across all segments

The wine lists of our 3 restaurants are now 100% InVine digital and we have recovered our investment in just 3 months.

Chef Olivier,
Owner and Manager


The Experience

It took me 2 minutes to know that InVine was the right solution for us and our patrons, even though we would be InVine’s very first client.

From the bamboo and leather cover to the sophisticated look of the digital list, the solution was a perfect match for our premium positioning.

We quickly realized that even our more traditional or senior patrons found the user interface to be both highly sophisticated and extremely intuitive at the same time, and some actually reported that it was easier to read on a backlit device.

With relevant information about our wines, the digital wine list helps patrons make the right choice more often, and gives our staff the ability to focus more on service.

I’ve changed 100% to digital wine list on my 3 restaurants and not only I’m now able to understand the way customers browse and choose wines, I also have an amazing digital wine list. This is the key solution to enhance the great experience Olivier delivers.

Our wine list is now accurate and updated 100% of the time, showing the exact vintage we have in our cellar.

Now that we have analytics from more than 17.000 users, we can also know more about how our patrons navigate our wine list and understand when they are satisfied with their pick.