Why Traditional Menus Need Changing

BY InVine Social

A great article on the topic of Restaurant Menus, showing that InVine is on the right track! This Grub Street article presents strong arguments why menus are in need of a revolution.


Most of us have faced some confusing, complex, undecipherable menus at some restaurants, and are good at telling which ones are good versus badly produced menus. What’s interesting about this article is that many restaurant owners are not aware of these problems.

In particular the article points out the following problems with menus:


Problem 1: Menus offer too little info to be helpful.
Problem 2: And yet current menus still contain tons of useless information.
Problem 3: Content doesn’t translate well.
Problem 4: Menus aren’t often about customer choice; they’re about driving profit.
Problem 5: Menus are conversation killers.


But the article gets even better presenting a few solutions to fix these problems, some of which are being developed by InVine right now, like:


Keep the menu focused.
Ditch all nonsense.
Be clear, not stoic.


Let us know how you envision the perfect wine list for you!


© Image from the New York Public Library (check out some old restaurant menus)