The Effect of the Wine Label

BY InVine Social

Here’s interesting insight on how the wine labels and their design might influence the consumer’s choice. The technology approach is very similar to InVine’s very own!


This Eye Tracking article presents the results of study in which eye tracking technology was used to analyse the customer’s preferences, much like we do on the InVine digital wine list. The following quote seemed most relevant:


The results identified certain elements that were more alluring to consumers than others. Eye-tracking revealed that the picture in the center of the label was first to be looked at in most cases and for the longest duration; consequently, the picture choice for a label is very important but is dependent on artistic preference. They found that font also matters; large sized fonts should be used instead of small. Females tended to be more responsive to the visual elements than males, which would explain my inclination towards the bottle with vibrant colors and fancy fonts.


This article seems to back one of the aspects that makes restaurants increase their wine sales when they switch to InVine: having an engaging wine list, especially one where the consumer can see the picture of the bottle they are about to choose, is important for the choice process and helps the consumer deciding.

We have seen several reports from restaurant owners, who were told by their patrons that seeing the actual bottle before deciding helped them be more willing to pay for it. In some cases, patrons actually recalled having that wine before, which reduced their uncertainty and increased confidence in their choice.