Release Note: List Wines by Bin Number

BY InVine



Quick note about a small but important feature we’ve just released, to facilitate checking wines at specific bin numbers.

You can now use the Front of House device to check the which wines should be stored on each Bin Number.

To use it, swipe horizontally along the footer of the app. If you’re now on the cover swipe again, otherwise choose the List by bin number option.

You’ll see a list of all your products, which you can search by bin number (and also name, region, vintage, etc).

It looks like this:
List by bin


Also, one useful tip:

If you are using Bin Numbers to manage your cellar, and need to know where to find a certain wine a customer just ordered, just double tap on the top right corner of the screen, where the price is. The App will show you a hidden panel with some extra information, including the Bin Number for that wine.