Release Note: Easy Manage and Update Devices

BY InVine

We just released a cool new way to manage your Front of House digital wine list.

With this update you get a notification center that’s always visible and lets you update all your devices with one click.

Plus, we released a whole new device management screen, that’s easier to read and use.


Notification Center and Push Updates
Notification Center

  • Instantly see the status of your devices, anywhere on the InVine back office platform
  • Easily update all your devices
  • If anything is wrong with any device, you will be alerted here (e.g. outdated version of the app, or guided access disabled)






Device Management Screen
Device Management Screen

  • Visual indicators warn you of any issues
  • Add several new devices with a single code
  • Click the Lock icon to see your guided access and restrictions codes
  • Click the Apple icon to see your Apple Id
  • Manually update and rename devices