Release Note: Database Now Serves 1M+ Products

BY InVine

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One of the features that restaurants love at InVine is our curated database of products, which has just crossed the 1 million products mark!

That’s 1 million Wines, Beers and Spirits you can choose from when you’re adding a beverage to your list.

To put it in perspective

– it would take a group of 150 people their entire adult lifetime to try a glass of each

– it would take a ten-storey high building to hold inventory of one bottle of each.


Besides that, in the event that you need to add a product that is not in our database (it does happen more than you’d think), remember that you can instantly add it to your list with some basic information.

Our team of Database Curators will make sure to reach out to producers and get the correct bottle picture, tasting notes and other details for you, overnight!