Release Note: Advanced Brightness Control and Seamless Update

BY InVine


Does this image look familiar?

Restaurants that have outdoors serving areas might have faced this before: the brightness setting in the devices is either too dim for outside reading, or too bright for that carefully crafted evening ambiance.

We have just released the perfect solution for this problem: you can now define separate day time and night time brightness settings, plus, you can also choose when that switch happens. We’ve also made it in such a way that the switch can only happen after someone has finished using the list, to avoid any disruption.

To adjust your brightness settings, visit the Device settings page:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.33.57

(Note: 17% seems to be the ideal setting for night)

One final note: this update also improves the push update process, which is now 100% seamless and allows for no usage interruption whatsoever.