Introducing the InVine Lab

BY InVine Social

Welcome to InVine Lab!

This is were we will post the reports from our Lab Team’s in depth, and sometimes crazy experiments in the wine business.

About the Lab Team: an unofficial role of everyone in InVine. Every person at InVine is allowed to take some time to investigate some particular aspect, trend, reaction, you name it, the company will support it to the full extent. When that person shows promising results, the company will make sure that either Software Developers, Database Experts, Customer Success agents or Managers, give him the tools and data to continue. Results will be published here, on the InVine blog.

About the Experiments: the experiments should always bring valuable information to the community: the InVine clients, the producers, the wine lovers, or InVine itself. The results will be public but properly anonymized to protect our clients’ best interests. Initially we will start with the data we have gathered with our clients. This data includes all the wine list information (wine details and prices) plus a large database of user actions on our iPad wine list (around 100,000 users) which include everything the user saw or clicked on the list (more than 1,000,000 viewed wines).

Check back soon for our next post!