How Hotels Are Using Technology To Revamp Their Beverage Programs

BY InVine

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Hotel restaurants face both the blessing and the curse of a constant stream of new faces. Every day they must offer consistent, top notch service to a wide variety of visitors from all around the world. And, as managers in the restaurant business know, consistently excellent service requires teamwork and intuitive tools.


How is InVine helping hotels such as the Four Seasons and the JW Marriott?


Enabling multiple stakeholders
From inventory to ordering, every team has a unique management structure, and InVine makes it easy to delegate responsibilities to the right person. With customized logins, each team member gets access to exactly the right information they need to be successful, from their phone, tablet or computer.


Corporate flexibility
For corporate VPs of Food and Beverage, credential hierarchy means they can track multiple locations and beverage programs from a single resource. In addition, directors dive deep into analytics to find cost cutting and profit opportunities.


Inventory control and financial reporting
With fast track inventory counts, hotel restaurants save time and get higher accuracy in their reports. Better data makes it easier to comply with the group’s financial calendar and reporting needs. Managers stay on top of inventory, so there are no last minute surprises.


In-room upsell
Hotels extend the sommelier experience into their luxury suites and VIP rooms with the in-room digital beverage menu. The bottle pictures and tasting notes provide a truly 5-Star service, driving up in-room revenue and delighting guests.


Customization and branding
Managers have stopped fighting with printer settings, and instead have used InVine to easily customize their list and automatically publish online. For some, this makes it easy to comply with corporate brand guidelines and consistently dazzle customers. For others, they use creativity to promote their hotel’s unique events and pique interest from frequent guests.


When you get down to it, hotel managers love InVine for saving them time and headaches. But what gets directors excited is that guests are more confident and end up spending more when using InVine.