Case Study: More Time For What Is Important

BY InVine

Client Details
Restaurant Name: TASCA DO JOEL
Seating Capacity: 150
Wine List Size: 800-1000
Awards and Distinctions: Best Wine Cellar 2011 and 2012
Owner’s Focus: Designing an experience that attracts patrons looking for the best seafood and an incomparable wine list
Expanding the experience beyond the restaurant, allowing the customers to purchase any of our wines in the storefront
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The Challenge

We are passionate about wine. Every guest presents an opportunity for us to provide a unique wine experience, which means we need a large wine selection and cellar. However, managing such an extensive wine list is a true full time job. We need to update about 20 references every day.

With such a large cellar, we couldn’t provide the proper sommelier advice to our patrons. It was time consuming for me, and the staff, to make sure they could make a broad range of suggestions within the list and to keep the advice updated.

We tested out several different iPad wine list solutions, but with 800 wines, we really needed a turnkey solution that would make choosing wine simpler for our patrons, and give us flexibility and power to manage it.


The InVine Solution

  • Package: InVine PRO
  • # of Devices: 4 (plus 1 on the custom-made storefront stand)
  • Additional Custom Features:
    • Premium Beer section
    • Wine name add-on
    • Product ID code
    • Storefront version, with custom-made stand
    • Customized wine list covers for special events


The Results

  • Time dedicated to managing the wine list reduced by 80%
  • Started dedicating time to new activities for the wine list
    • Trying new wines on the menu before agreeing to purchase from supplier
    • Promoting specific wines using the Top Picks feature
    • Testing and fine tuning prices
    • Increasing inventory turnover of less popular wines
  • Investment recovered in just 2 months

Using InVine made managing my wine list extremely simple and fast, freeing my time to new activities.

Joel Martins,
Owner and Manager


The Experience

I remember meeting with the InVine team and, throughout their presentation, having every concern answered one after the other. I realized this was the perfect solution!

Using InVine made managing my wine list extremely simple and fast, freeing my time to new activities such as extending my storefront online.

The close support created by the InVine team allowed us to develop exclusive features, making our wine list much more inline with the unique experience we want to provide to our patrons.

The Top Picks feature is so lean that we were able to easily provide daily suggestions to our patrons based on the weather.

More than 10.000 patrons have used our digital wine list within the first year. They often tell us how they are impressed with it and how it made the whole dining experience better.