Case studies

We have worked closely with our clients to design the perfect solution, one that solves their problems and creates new business growth. Below is a series of case studies that showcase the results after using InVine.
This client features 800 wines on its wine list and when first met InVine, struggled with both managing such a large wine list and making sure patrons would explore it broadly, as intended. 
We analyze the benefits of using InVine from the perspective of the day-to-day of the person who manages the wine cellar and list at a restaurant and the impact of InVine in the experience of patrons choosing wines.
This restaurant is focused on providing an outstanding fine dining experience and wine list with 200 world-class references. The owner was looking for a innovative way to both present more information about their wines and get more data about their patrons, without compromising the sophisticated experience of choosing from a wine list.
This case study portraits the impact of InVine on a restaurant that truly needs advanced customization features and how the INVINE solution was designed to accommodate the particular needs of any type.

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